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Checking your blind area could mean the difference between a safe trip and one where you risk getting into an accident and earning a driving ticket.

Driving recklessly can result in penalties for all drivers. If you fail to see or pay attention to your blind area, which results in an accident, you could face severe consequences.

The punishment for reckless and impolite driving includes an infinite fine, a possible driving ban, and a point penalty of 3 to 9.

If the offender is not already banned, dangerous driving can result in up to 11 points and a 2-year prison sentence.

The most serious offense, death by reckless driving, carries a maximum sentence of 14 years in jail, an infinite fine, a minimum 2-year mandatory ban, and a maximum of 11 points on your license (if not already disqualified).

Anyone caught engaging in unsafe driving or failing to check their blind area could be issued a court summons. These occurrences can be reported by any other road users or pedestrians (if not seen by police or cameras).

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