Is It Legal to Use Fog Lights When There’s No Fog? Leave a comment

Technically, if the driving conditions involve a similar low-visibility setting, you can activate your fog lights even when there isn’t any fog present. This might be the case if you’re traveling in a dust storm or extremely heavy rain, for example.

It’s crucial to realize that your state may have specific driving laws governing the use of fog lights. For instance, a regulation in Florida prohibits the use of auxiliary lights, like as fog lights, when there are other vehicles on the road, barring foggy situations.

The use of fog lights is also forbidden in Oregon and a few other states when you are 500 feet or less from an approaching vehicle, or 350 feet if you are following another vehicle. In order to prevent the potential of blinding other motorists, do this.

Additionally, several states have laws governing the shade of your fog lights. For instance, fog lights must only be white or amber in Washington and Colorado, or any hue in between in the latter state.

To prevent infractions and undesirable events, always check your state’s or your city’s regulations on the use of fog lights.

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