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Sometimes when your car glass cracks, you might immediately consider having it fully replaced even though you might not need to. Your windshield can be restored to new condition with a thorough and competent repair work.

1. You might want to have your front windshield changed with laminated glass if it is made of tempered glass. Tempered glass is quite strong, but if the impact pushes it to the limit, it breaks into round fragments of solid glass. However, when struck, laminated glass does not shatter as readily.

2. If the crack is longer than 5 or 6 inches, you should replace the front windshield glass. This is another element that determines whether the glass needs to be replaced or repaired. If not, you can easily fix it.

3. If the crack extends halfway through the windshield glass, you should replace the glass immediately because it could shatter with even a light hit.

4. You should certainly have the windshield replaced if the crack or chip extends to the edge of the vehicle glass.

When having the windshield of your car examined, there are various kinds of cracks to be aware of. Knowing about them will help you select the ideal accessories for your vehicle.

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