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The issue is not only sand blowing into your engine vents; every time you go in or out of your car, you bring sand with you. Every time you visit the beach, you will undoubtedly bring some sand back with you because it builds up quickly. Before getting back in the car, wash your feet and shake out any clothing, blankets, or towels. However, sand also blows in via the open windows of the car in addition to being tracked in by your body and equipment.

Sand accumulation in your car’s footwells can be avoided by using tailored floor mats. Because they are specifically fitted to your car, they collect all the sand, filth, and grime you bring with you, preserving the cleanliness of the interior and keeping sand out of the vents. A useful weapon in your battle against sand drifts blowing into your car is an air pump. Every time there is a sandstorm, every time you make a lengthy drive through the desert, every time you go surfing, you may use an air pump to blow the sand out of your car.

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