How to Seal Off the Engine of Your Car Leave a comment

You need to take into consideration more than just the outside of the car, you should take precautions to protect your car’s engine and internal components.

The air filter is one way that sand can enter your machine and clog the moving parts. Sand can clog your air filters, which can reduce airflow to the engine and cause a variety of problems. issues with your electrical system, belt, or cylinder heads, as well as overheating, air filter blockages cause wiring systems.

Sand easily reduces the effectiveness of your car’s sensors, which are a very delicate component. Sand can also contaminate your oil if it enters your cabin filter, creating even more problems. Clean your air filters frequently if you reside in a desert area. You have the option of cleaning them yourself or having a professional do routine maintenance visits. Just keep in mind to completely dry the filters before reinstalling them in your vehicle. By protecting your car’s exterior from the weather, such as blowing sand, with an outdoor car cover like the Platinum Shield, you may lengthen the life of your filters.

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