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Unclogging the Catalytic Converter by Removing It

Only after trying the first strategy and finding it unsuccessful should you try this one. The equipment you require is listed below:

Here’s how to apply this technique:

1. To prevent burning, let the exhaust system cool down.
2. Jack up the vehicle and use jack stands to keep it suspended.
3. Delete the oxygen sensor(s)
4. To remove the bolts, use penetrating oil.
5. After removing the catalytic converter, check it. You should probably stop if you hear a loud rattling because the catalytic converter’s parts are almost certainly broken. You should carry on with the process if you don’t hear anything.
6. Wash the catalytic converter with a low-pressure pressure washer.
7. Put hot water and a degreaser on the catalytic converter.                                                                                         8.  Use the pressure washer’s low setting to rinse the catalytic converter.
9. The catalytic converter should be reinstalled after drying and draining.
As soon as the catalytic converter is put back in place, replace the oxygen sensor(s).

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